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Special treat for anyone still lurking here four years after this server died. I un-hid all of the old posts and such for nostalgia purposes. Have fun.

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 *Important* MeowMS GMs

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PostSubject: *Important* MeowMS GMs   Thu Aug 13, 2009 3:59 am

Hello MeowMS comummunity i would like to show you how nice the GMs in this game are

LaiD and ItWasntFair were Unfairly banned .There was a glitch with the Bird Summon I can assure you this 100% as i was watching lucas on the other computer.
Yummeh only banned LaiDs account but then i argued the point and am now Fully IP banned and i know YUMMEH is probabbly going to just close this thread or something stupid but ive saved it to a text document .

Please enjoy looking at the Threats your lovely GMs have been throwing
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PostSubject: Re: *Important* MeowMS GMs   Thu Aug 13, 2009 4:01 am

Miwow wrote:

i clearly explained why he was banned but you persisted with your "WAHHHHHHHH I DONT GET IT WAHHHHHHHHH"

i told you like 8 times to stop spamming me with whispers but you continued on, and i'm not about to disable whispers so other people cant get help because your dumb ass cant shut the fuck up

your ban is for 12 hours, deal with it asshole

EDIT: due to your juvenile spamming spree, i've just made the ban permanent. Have fun!


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*Important* MeowMS GMs
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